Country Ridge Drive CLOSED Two Months More

A new Super Sleuth of the Day found out when Country Ridge Drive is expected to re-open at Baxter Road.

Super Sleuth of the Day, wishing to remain Anonymous, discovered Country Ridge Drive at Baxter Road will remain closed another eight weeks.

That puts opening about the first of December.

Country Ridge Drive is a fairly well-used residential thoroughfare running from essentially Chesterfield Parkway to Clarkson Road—across from Marquette High School.

Residents at the intersection of Baxter Road and Country Ridge Drive have had easements on the edge of their lawns torn up and blocked with the widening of Baxter Road by St. Louis County.

Country Ridge crosses Baxter Road between Clayton and Clarkson roads, but closer to Dierberg's Market Place.

Super Sleuth yesterday discovered Baxter Road at Edison Road, in Chesterfield Valley, will be opening on Friday, after being closed for nearly a month.


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