Dog Park Shuffleboard Slab In Place

Chesterfield's newest city park has a cement surface up front.

Chesterfield's has a concrete—or cement slab in front, near where the old white farmhouse used to stand, that is supposed to be for shuffleboard.

It's on the Old Baxter Road side of the park—the only driving entrance.

The estimated 60-feet by 30-feet slab went in about three weeks ago, a regular park user said.

The city decided to install the shuffleboard shortly before the April elections, for about $8,000.

In an informal poll by Chesterfield Patch, few people said they played shuffleboard or knew anyone who played shuffleboard.

The big, smooth concrete surface is under a shade tree, and perhaps could be used as a picnic pavilion or stage surface when it wasn't being used for shuffleboard. The city did not suggest the other potential uses.

Late last week, the shuffleboard court was not yet painted on the surface.

However, the community gardens in Eberwein were growing, and local Girl Scouts were out digging in the corner of the park, to create a butterfly garden. It looked like an ongoing process of digging and planting.

A nearby nursury was expected to supply the native Missouri plants at a discount, according to a scout leader.


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