Mom Wins Kid Custody; Ex-Husband Convicted Child Molester

Courts decided May 11; new charges for ex-husband.

A Chesterfield man charged with six counts of child molestation was ordered to pay child support, after the courts dissolved his marriage May 11. 

, 57, was arrested April 16 after an investigation by Chesterfield police that involved two young female victims. He was jailed on $20,000 cash-only bond and the next court date is June 5 for criminal setting, continued from May 15. 

Lucia Hill, who sought a divorce in January of this year, received sole legal and physical custody of the children, according to Casenet.com

An uncontested hearing over the divorce was May 10.

The couple owned a house in the 14900 block Country Ridge Drive, in Chesterfield.

With one minor child, Thomas Hill would owe $644 per month in child support payments; two minor children $928 per month.

Hill was convicted on a previous child molestation charge in January 2003 in St. Louis County Circuit Court. He was not jailed, prosecutors said, and he received lifetime supervision.

The most recent address for Thomas Hill on Missouri State Highway Patrol Sex Offender Registry listed the 1000 block Kuhs Street in Richmond Heights. However, it more recently shows "incarcerated."

Mother of hope 4 December 09, 2012 at 08:40 AM
Finally there is some justice, finally a mother can hold her head up and say I won and was able to use the justice system to help my children. I'm so glad he is put away, we need more child predators put away, like this guy, biological father or not. The court system I had my divorce in favorites men and especially men in the military. Out is so disgusting how these courts can even think of removing children from there mothers care, especially good hard working mothers. Our courts systems need some serious investigations when they are deciding custody, like a special team on the FBI for Child predators. My children fell victims to these evil courts and have suffered greatly asst the hands of there biological father, it tears me up to know there is nothing more I can do until they become adults. I love and miss my children so much and hopefully one day we can be together again.


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