6 Delicious-Looking Halloween Things Found in Chesterfield

With the holiday of ghouls and goblins approaching, we found a few amusing (and really tasty-looking) treats at local stores, shops and restaurants.

Sure, the kids are going to get their candy on when they hit the streets on Oct. 31. For them, a nice peanut butter cup or a dusting of pixie stix is all they really need, right?

But for us, those with slightly more refined tastes in Halloween eat-and-drink — what is there for us? We hit the streets and found a few yummy looking delights that fit the season. Tell us what you think — or whether you've tried any of these yourself!

"Trick" or "Treat" Wines, World Market, $7.99 each (or $6.99 for members). Let's dive right in, OK? Let's go for the stuff that'll help us through all the ringing doorbells on Halloween night? "Trick" is a spicy red, described as "a trick to the senses. Bursting with spicy perfume aromas similar to dried cinnamon sticks," while "Treat" is "a treat for the senses, bursting with sweet perfume aromas similar to lemon lollipops." Well, it looked good in the store. From Chateau Diana.

Pumpkin Pie Bark, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, $12.95 a box. Yeah, we're pretty much addicted to peppermint bark and can't let it rest until we've devoured the entire box. And we think we might have the same problem with this. The woman who sold it to us suggested breaking pieces up as an edible garnish around your autumn centerpiece. That's not going to happen.

Pumpkin Spice Rooibus Herbal Tea, Trader Joe's, $3.99. The temperature doesn't have to dip far for us to get a chill, so a nice tea to warm us through (starting with the nose and working its way down) suits us just fine.

Apple Crisp Sundae, Oberweis Dairy, $5.69. On the other hand, nothing is going to make us give up ice cream. Nothing. Pair it with caramel and spicy apple crisp and, well...we might need two spoons for this one.

FrankenCake, McArthur's Bakery, $35.99. We admit, this might be a little on the pricey end of the scale, but our eyes were drawn to the dead eyes of Frankenstein's Monster peering out from the display case. Bring out your pitchforks.

FrankenCookie and DraCookie-La, McArthur's Bakery, $1.99. OK, we cheated and took two from the same place. Sue us. But this is at the other end of the price scale. And who doesn't love a sugar cookie?

Have you got a favorite Halloween treat to recommend?


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