'American Girl' Nails Down a Lease for Chesterfield Mall

Upscale doll center to be only the 12th store in the nation.

American Girl clinched a lease agreement with management and expects to open a store in the former Wapango restaurant by Spring.

The store will be on the opposite corner from and —with an entrance on the outside of the complex.

And after a dream shopping spree (once it opens) gaggles of preteen girls might gather next door at for a retro shake.

American Girl's latest dolls are a pair whose story, clothing and accessories place them in 1853 New Orleans.

Musician and New Orlean's native Harry Connick Jr. with 13-year-old daughter Kate, performed a song Connick wrote for the featured American Girl story on the hit daytime talk show Ellen. The song is titled A Lot Like Me.


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