Chamber Hosts Seminar on Disaster Preparedness for Business

Among the speakers, the director for the Joplin-Area Chamber of Commerce will speak about Joplin businesses’ experiences with the post-tornado recovery.

Natural disasters happen. Most notable among them in Chesterfield was the flood of 1993, in which approximately 12,000 families lost their homes. Residents call it “The Great Flood.”

There were not long strip-malls back then. No Galaxy Theater, no Walmart, no Target, and other hundreds of shops and restaurants which now decorate the area called the Chesterfield Valley.

If anything like the flood, a tornado or an earthquake were to happen in the area, the wants to ensure business owners know how to prepare— and rebuild.

The Chamber is currently accepting registration to their Disaster Preparedness Seminar for Business, an event with speakers and activities designed to educate business owners on how to prepare for times of emergency.
The half-day event will feature speakers such as Rob O’Brien, executive director of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce. O’Brian will tell of Joplin’s recovery effort by business owners after the 2011 tornado.

Also at the seminar, Paul Schifano, owner of , will talk about the 1993 flood and how his pet-care business recovered and succeeded after the event.

Other experts will talk about insurance, information technology/communications, public safety and restoration.

The seminar, open to the public, will take place Sept. 25 at the Purcer Center of . The cost is $45 for members of the Chesterfield Chamber and $60 to non-members.

To register, call the Chamber at 636-532-3399 or visit their website by clicking here.


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