Chesterfield Chamber Director's Roots Here Reach To Horse-and-Buggy Days

The third director of the business group answers a Q&A with the Suburban Journals. Does she answer the question, "What's the most unusual business in the chamber?"

in its history, says her roots in the community date back to her great-grandfather, a country doctor who rode a horse-and-buggy around the area to tend to his patients.

That's according to an interview with Amato in the Suburban Journal, published last week. Amato was named the executive director of the Chesterfield Chamber in October.

"His office was off what's now Long Road," Amato told the newspaper. "He had a horse and buggy and took care of everybody out here."

The Parkway Central High grad told the newspaper her great-grandmother on her mother's side was an Eatherton, the namesake for Eatherton Road.


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The Q&A with Amato, published in the Journal, covers the challenges she sees for the chamber, and notes that she sees the business climate improving in the city. "A few businesses close once in awhile, but ribbon cuttings are picking up," she said.

And what about the question, "What's the most unusual business in the chamber?" Well, you'll have to click to the Journal to see if she was candid or cautious in her answer....


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