Chesterfield Chocolate Store Getting Candy Factory on 'The Hill'

Are they hiring? Take a tour.

Chesterfield's said it's getting a candy factory in the St. Louis area this summer, an expansion by its franchise parent company.

The new factory will be on "The Hill" in St. Louis, an area known as the place to go for Italian food, bakery, and soon—chocolate candy. It's more than 30,000 square feet in size.

"This is very exciting news for all of our local stores and for the St. Louis area," a spokesperson said via Facebook.

The factory will offer tours of the factory's candy kitchen. Think "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? 

However, our local Chesterfield Chocolate Co. store makes the majority of its candy right on site, in its own kitchen at the store.

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If you're interested in scheduling a tour of the factory when it opens call 888-222-7710.

If you liked the "I Love Lucy" episode where they work at the candy factory, this new factory is a must-see, according to the local franchise owner.

It's scheduled to open in late Summer.

See more photos of their beautiful candy on Chesterfield Patch Facebook page.


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