Chesterfield's Trader Joe's Gave Out Free Dozens of Red Roses

Timing is everything.

Trader Joe's in Chesterfield, on Clarkson Road near Baxter Road, was giving out a free dozen red roses to shoppers over the weekend—and may still be.

All I know is they had bouquets in water hanging around the check-out lines, and after groceries were bagged up and paid for, handed off a bouquet to shoppers.

It may have been timing, it may have been because I brought in re-usable grocery bags.

My guess includes that there were some beautiful flowers that weren't bought up by Valentine's Day, and the good will Trader Joe's builds with handing out a dozen red roses to its customers is absolutely priceless.

In fact, I remember in the parking lot on my way in, seeing several women with bouquets as they returned to their cars, but would never imagine they hadn't paid for them.

Thanks, Joe's.


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