Council Race Newcomer Lacks Voting Record in Chesterfield

David Arbogast challenges longtime Chesterfield incumbent Barry Flachsbart for council seat in Tuesday's election.

Thirty-five-year-old David Arbogast is running for Chesterfield City council in Ward 1, facing longtime incumbent Barry Flachsbart in the election Tuesday.

Arbogast said he works for Byrne Software in Chesterfield. HUD Form Creator is also linked with his work, and provides services in lending/loan applications with the Federal Housing Authority. 

His campaign website indicates he spent the majority of the past 20 years in information technology.

"I have conceived, designed, and delivered solutions that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to do more with less. I have the experience necessary to analyze and improve processes, understand how the right tools can empower people and organizations, and understand the importance of generating worthwhile return on investment," Arbogast said. 

He believes there is room for business growth in Chesterfield, according to his election website. He said this in a recent post to Chesterfield Patch:

"I am running for office because I believe in giving back to our community. I have lived in Chesterfield nearly all my life and work right here in town. I will make a positive difference for our City, and it was my choice alone to run for office. My goal is to be the most accessible candidate on the Council, and to use my experience to reduce wasteful spending while maintaining essential services. I am dedicated to fiscal restraint, public safety, and responsible growth," Arbogast said.

However, Arbogast has not voted in a municipal election—when residents choose a city council of eight members over a two-year cycle, and one mayor. Records show Arbogast voted in four general and primary elecions since 2008.

Contacted by phone Friday during business hours, Arbogast was not available to field more questions. A follow-up is scheduled for Monday.

State Ethics Commission campaign finance records showed Arbogast spent or owed $2768 on the race so far. He had this to say in a recent Chesterfield Patch posted comment:

"My campaign contribution are all from individuals I know personally, most of them family and friends. $250.00 is the most any one individual has donated. Like my opponent, I have personally funded my own committee because I believe in Chesterfield and I believe I can make a positive difference," Arbogast wrote.

Arbogast has used his Facebook page to take his opponent to task on a number of issues.

M.A. March 31, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Curious...."Funding one's own committee" is different than funding one's campaign. Usually such an election committee is composed of volunteers, friends. So what is the significance of that statement? Also curious about...The candidate has not voted in municipal elections to effect any changes, but suddenly wants to replace someone (in this case, who has an outstanding reputation and record). Why not slot one's self elsewhere with a deficit, and maintain a strong co-council that includes Ward I Councilmen Flachsbart and Segal? Would such an alteration (replacement) strengthen or weaken the council? Strengthen or weaken Ward I of Chesterfield? To date, the strength and accomplishments of Ward I Team Segal-Flachsbart have been impressive. Even been said to put the young Segal on the path to a possible interesting political career. Curious why a newcomer would not pursue an upcoming vacancy instead...and keep respectable working relationship with co-council and committee allies. And keep the successful Ward I Team working well for those two players. One more note: The criticisms in this campaign toward Mr. Flachsbart translate as very frivolous. He's a very respectable man.
M.A. April 01, 2012 at 03:38 AM
On his slick mailings Mr. Arbogast criticizes his opponent because he a professor who works and hour and a half drive from Chesterfield. So what Arbogast! Cheap tactic, and insulting to working people. Arbogast writes about his technology experience - is he expecting to bring Chesterfield up to date? Sorry to tell him, the City of Chesterfield has had that covered for a long time. Arbogast criticized Flachsbart for a “vote against creating 200 jobs”, failing to mention it was a vote against a commercial business on Olive right next to homes. Flachsbart represented his ward and their desire to keep that stretch of Olive residential. Would Arbogast’s vote otherwise have been the responsible growth he indicated he is dedicated to? Doesn’t read like he would have represented the citizens in his ward as is the description of a councilman’s job.
David Arbogast April 01, 2012 at 02:08 PM
On January 4, 2012 Barry Flachsbart voted against the Hyatt Hotel, which would be next to the Drury hotel at Chesterfield Mall. This project is not in Ward 1, and there are no homes within at least 1 mile of the site. It is already zoned commercial and would have created approximately 100 construction jobs immediately, and approximately 100 full-time jobs for Chesterfield once complete. This has nothing to do with the residential stretch of Olive Blvd., and is a great example of responsible growth. Again, to be clear, this is not a project “right next to homes” as you have suggested. If you have any questions about what is printed in my material, as always, you are free to contact me by phone, email, facebook, or through my web site. I am happy to explain so that you can be assured our residential neighborhoods are safe. Whether this information is being used as a scare tactic against the citizens of Ward 1, or is simply a misunderstanding, the people of Ward 1 deserve the correct information. And they know they can reach me with questions. I even mentioned this particular project on my web site as far back as January. My first responsibility will be to represent the citizens of Ward 1. Providing them with accurate information is an important part of that job. David Arbogast ElectArbogast@DavidArbogast.com http://www.DavidArbogast.com/
M.A. April 01, 2012 at 04:35 PM
To Mr. Arbogast - Citizens expect their elected councilperson to represent them when voting on the council. The council job is not to make decisions for the citizens, but to represent them. Another hotel, eminent domain is not most people wanted. Check with citizens of wards 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. Is your assessment of another hotel supposed to trump what most citizens want? Olive has remained residential because of Mr. Flachsbart, and others who have represented citizens. Your reference to a discussion being a scare tactic is a cheap shot.


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