Fortune 500 Largest Companies Include Chesterfield Businesses

And one business next door most of us know.

Fortune Magazine released its 500 largest companies recently, and Monsanto was among them.

next door to City Hall on Chesterfield Parkway. The headquarters is Creve Coeur.

Monsanto ranked No. 224, up from 234 last year, with $11.8 billion in annual revenue, St. Louis Business Journal reports.

in Chesterfield, ranked No. 289, up from 290 last year, with $8.8 billion in annual revenue. It's known as RGA, and located on Timberlake Manor Drive, just off north of Highway 40/64.

Charter Communications, which is next door in Town and Country near Ace Hardware and a U.S. Post Office, was also named to the list. 

Charter ranked No. 351, down from 333 last year, with $7.2 billion in annual revenue.

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Panera Bread, parent company of , made the list of top 1,000 Fortune companies. Panera relocated its national headquarters to Sunset Hills in September 2010 with much fanfare, to a vacant Aneheuser-Busch building after the brewer was sold off to InBev.

Suzi Tozer May 11, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Don't forget Brunswick Zone Chesterfield.


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