‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Live in Chesterfield’—New Slogan of St. Louis Developer

UIC, a building developer, is targeting Chesterfield as part of a marketing campaign to encourage people to live in the urban areas of St. Louis.

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Live in Chesterfield” is the slogan some residents may begin seeing in bumper stickers and coasters throughout the area. The phrase is part of a marketing campaign of UIC, a building developer and design company based in the city of St. Louis.

“Hey, Chesterfield is a comfortable place with an affluent population, great sales tax base, and high quality schools. It is St. Louis’s flagship suburb, so we thought they could take a little good natured ribbing,” according to a statement in one of UIC’s websites.

The campaign, they say, is not really about Chesterfield, but about encouraging people to live in the city of St. Louis and develop “vibrant, urban neighborhoods.”

“It is about a vision of our beloved central City (St. Louis) growing into a marquee diverse urban environment, with an emphasis on green planning and design,” read a statement on their website. “The City of St. Louis offers exceptional walkable historic neighborhoods, exciting night life, unique shopping options, a strong downtown, and a growing base of educational opportunities for families.”

Bruce Geiger, Chesterfield's Mayor, said he was not aware of the campaign. 

"I may have to call and ask them about that," he said. 

A spokesperson for UIC was not immediately available for comment Monday. Chesterfield Patch will work on expanding this story.

In the meantime, share your opinions on the developer’s marketing campaign in the comments section of this story. Should friends let friends live in Chesterfield?

Carlos Restrepo August 16, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Hello all, in case you didn't see it, here is a follow up story with the developer's comments. He says he and his team thought Chesterfield would be more middle-of-the-road and have more of a sense of humor. What do you think? http://chesterfield.patch.com/articles/local-developer-defends-friends-don-t-let-friends-live-in-chesterfield-slogan#photo-11005394
dvasdsfaasdfasdf August 26, 2012 at 03:15 AM
Who are the undesirables? Blacks? Suburbs = segregation
dvasdsfaasdfasdf August 26, 2012 at 03:17 AM
Dan is right on
referencegirl September 02, 2012 at 04:00 PM
If you are a "20 something," how many years is "several" years? There is a lot of history here that has nothing to do with crime rates.
referencegirl September 02, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Honestly, to think that people are better based on where they live or went to high school is a very stupid St. Louis tradition based in snobbery - snobbery that actually originated in the city. Back in 1877 the city was much larger and affluent then the county. The city wanted to detach itself from the rural county, whom they felt brought them down economically and socially since the county needed a lot of tax support to establish roads and other public services and was populated by rural (read - unsophisticated) farmers. The county fought the detachment but the city won. 100 years later and post white flight the county surpassed the city in population and economy. Then, all of sudden, the city wanted to rejoin with the county to benefit from their economy. And yet, there continues to be this attitude that county dwellers are not as sophisticated but now, since they do seem to have more money overall, they are assumed to be snobs. So, when I see elitist attitude still coming from city dwellers I really... well... I think it is stupid, let's just leave it at that. You can pretend there is not more crime in the city all you want, the crime maps from the city and county police department tell a different story. The city and county have been talking for years about reuniting. I hope someday both sides get over themselves, reunite, and work together to make all of St. Louis the best it can be. This campaign is insensitive to our history and perpetuates unnecessary animosity.


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