Going-Out-of-Business Owner, 70, Starts New Business Already

Plus, what's left at Suburban Leisure on discount, as it enters the home stretch of going-out-of-business sale?

While 50-year-old Suburban Leisure landmark store is busy going-out-of-business with its last sale, the 70-year-old retired owner already has started another business.

Harvey Keymer successfully launched In Home Caregivers not too long after retiring in 2008, while his son continued to operate the patio-living store at 14001 Olive Blvd., in Chesterfield.

"It's a happy ending," son Scott Keymer said Monday, as he watched liquidators easing shoppers into buying the last of quality—if pricey— products the store was known for carrying.

The elder Keymer was nowhere to be found, since he manages his new business of in-home care for those housebound by age or health and who need some help. The younger Keymer described his father's new venture.

"He provides a service," Scott Keymer said. "If (people) need transportation, shopping, a doctor's appointment, if they need wheelchair accessibility—they have one point of contact to get that done."

Keymer said his dad's idea to create the business came about when he found himself caring for extended family, and found the most typical problem was finding the right people for the job—a good match.

"He wanted people to have the best care," Scott Keymer said.

Keymer said his father had the contacts with contractors from Suburban Leisure installations, to do home repairs. And he said caregivers have sought out his father for employment.

He said In Home Caregivers also provide "respite care" for families taking care of elderly or ill family members on their own, but need a break or may not be able to do that it full-time.

"We can do it three days a week, 24 hours, whatever they need," the younger Keymer said. The business has folks who provide care in both St. Louis and and St. Charles counties.

"We bring the right people together," Scott Keymer said.

Save yourself a trip—take a look at photos here, to see what remains of the final going-out-of-business sale at Suburban Leisure.

More information on In Home Caregivers

Autumn February 28, 2012 at 01:59 PM
What nonsense. The Keymer family used Homewatch CareGivers to provide care for Mrs. Keymer for several years. Harvey Keymer started a caregiving business with one of Homewatch's former employees who worked for his wife. Potential clients should ask for a list of client references that are more than 1 year old---who AREN'T related to the caregivers.
Jean Whitney February 28, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Which part is the nonsense "Autumn"?
Autumn Grissom April 25, 2012 at 11:09 PM
The whole thing is nonsense, "Jean". You've painted a very positive picture of a company that is unproven at best. And in an area (in-home care) that people should be especially careful about. Plus, I just realized that didn't even get the address correct! How can I trust what you've written?


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