Health Care, Education Fields Lead Chesterfield's Top 10 Employers

Together, St. Luke's Hospital, the Parkway School District and Delmar Gardens account for around 15 percent of the total jobs in the city.

It may be no surprise to followers of national trends, but the most recent data available shows that Chesterfield's top employers are in the health care and education fields. 

St. Luke's Hospital has topped the list since 2006 and supplies nearly 10 percent of the city's total employment with more than 3,000 employees. While the list includes many familiar faces from year to year, one newcomer is Delmar Gardens, which took the number three spot in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available. 

The rising employment for the senior care facility follows its growth in recent years across the St. Louis region. The company recently announced a $33 million expansion that includes $5.2 million in renovations at its Chesterfield facility. 

Employer Employees Percentage of Total City Employment St. Lukes Hospital 3,447 9.58 Parkway School District 1,192 3.31 Delmar Gardens Enterprise 1,006 2.79 Monsanto Company 683 1.90 Reinsurance Group of America 678 1.88 Amdocs 550 1.53 McBride & Sons Management 400 1.11 Pfizer 379 1.05 St. John's Mercy 375 1.04

To compare how the Chesterfield's employment has changed over the years, check out the Chesterfield's Finance and Adminstration annual financial report, available online at the city's website

Of course, size is just one way of looking at it. The impact a business has on a community isn’t limited to its office space, so we are proposing the creation of an alternate list.

Based on their positive contributions to the community, what Chesterfield companies or business leaders would you put in your “Top 10”?

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