Patch to Get Sneak Preview of 'American Girl' Store

One month only until store opens in Chesterfield Mall.

American Girl officials confirmed Monday that everything is on track for the April 21 opening of its first store in the St. Louis area,

Chesterfield Patch was promised a sneak preview of the new 11,000-square-foot store just days before its opening, so we'll provide photos and details here on Patch.

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Officials said there will be a big tent outside the store housing activities for families, and some entertainment—more information to come on that.

Included in the PDF portion of the photo gallery here, is a sample menu for the store's Bistro. Options include traditional tea service with tiny sandwiches, meal entrees, soups, desserts, pasta and salads.

The high-end doll store took over the space that was Wapango, a restuarant.

Any potential wait-lines at grand-opening events would be handled with a system of assigned times, a spokeswoman said, which allows customers to mill about.

Chesterfield Mall is located just off Highway 40/64 at the Olive/Clarkson roads exit. If you see the , you're there.

The store is nearly next door to the cinema, and —all facing Clarkson/Olive roads.

The line of American Girl dolls includes books about girls throughout the nation's history. It has expanded over its 25 years to include current trends and clothing looks for dolls, matching clothes for young doll owners, crafts, games and activities at its soon-to-be 12 stores.

Families can host childrens' birthday parties at stores, treat their dolls to hair styling at a salon, and of course shop for doll accessories.

A classic 18-inch starter doll costs $99. Doll accessories include clothes, furniture, pets, and other items. 

The company began with catalog-only sales in 1986, The Pleasant Company, and was eventually sold to Mattel.

Grace Taylor Schulz July 30, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Wow it looks so fun I am going there for my birthday tomorrow I can't wait
Jean Whitney July 30, 2012 at 06:00 AM
I was just there on Thursday with my adult daughter. It was all fun. Then just outside the front door, she stepped on a big wad of chewing gum. It ruined the whole sentimental journey inside! All she could focus on was getting that off her sandals!! Yick! Look out, and use the trash can!


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