'Kim Cheese' Is the New Dairy Queen, in Chesterfield

Opening soon: Business has its signs up outside and soda machine inside.

The long gone Dairy Queen in Chesterfield at 13435 Olive Boulevard and Woods Mill Road is about to open as according to signs in the window.

The new eatery seems to have taken a design page from the 7Eleven next door, and used big stripes of color as its outdoor motif. Blue, red and a chartreuse yellow.

Inside, there's a fill-it-yourself soda machine that says Pepsi. They may lose a few Coke fans straightaway. But gain many thirsty Pepsi fans.

The drive-thru around back from old  days looks fully defunct, like it's not coming back.

Longing for Dairy Queen? There is a in  combined with .

If anyone knows anything more about Kim Cheese, comment below? Is it a chain, a local owner? Thanks!

David Altman July 04, 2012 at 05:18 AM
In past week exterior is being repainted again! The blue walls are being primed with a whitewash of white. Hopefully they are going to be a more neutral or earthtone color to reduce the visual clutter of that area vs increasing it.
Jean Whitney July 05, 2012 at 07:16 AM
As a matter of fact David, I was just writing about that. They are returning to beige, like the bottom portion, and like it was prior to the paint job. City orders.


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