Restaurant Review Round-Up: Classic Red Hots

See what local residents are saying about Chesterfield restaurants.

Deep-friend Twinkies aren't just limited to the anything-goes atmosphere of a state fair, but can be found every day in Chesterfield. The Restaurant Review Round-Up found the American delicacy at Classic Red Hots, a casual restaurant that specializes in an interesting combination of gourmet hot dogs and Mediterranean fare.

Located at 41 Forum Shopping Center, Classic Red Hots promises "all hot dogs, all the time," from a basic ketchup-and-mustard combination to Chicago style. However, many reviewers ventured abroad and tried out the seletions from its Mediterranean menu.  

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Chesterfield Patch did a round-up of reviews to get a flavor of what people are saying about Classic Red Hots. Add a review of your own right here on Patch, or put your opinions in the comments in the section below.   

From Yelp:

Joel C. gave it 3/5 stars and said: "Somewhat of a diamond in the rough, Classic Red Hots offers something unique in the realm of comfort food in a sea of strip malls and chain restaurants.  They serve the best rendition of a classic Chicago style hot dog that I have had this side of the Mississippi.  The service is also outstanding. The staff is so personable that it gives off the kind of mom & pop vibe feel you look for.  

"My only criticisms are these: They try to do too much. Their menu is huge and rather than focusing on doing a dozen things extremely well, they have around three dozen menu items some of which they do well, some of which is forgettable.  Their menu includes hot dogs done several ways (e.g. bagel dog, reuben dog, etc.) to gyros to tamales to deep friend twinkies, and so on.  They also lose points because I noticed a lot of things behind the counter appear to be prepackaged processed foods."

James G gave it 5/5 stars and said: "Best red hot your gonna get without a 5 hour drive to Chicago. ... Our office recently moved just down the road from here so I've been able to get in more often.  Recently I've discovered the onion rings.  You must try these!  Honestly the the best or's I've had since the Varsity in Atlanta."

Joel A. gave it 1/5 stars and said: "I made the mistake of ordering an Italian beef from here. The last time I was here it wasn't so bad, but I think they must be under new management because this time the Italian beef was thin on beef and dry. It was a bread sandwich with a little bit of meat flavoring."

From Urban Spoon:

John Lapicki liked it and said: "Great Chicago dogs, replete with bright green relish and celery salt!"

Charles Forsythe liked it and said: "Their hot-dog-based items are all really good. They also offer Mediterranean favorites like gyros, stuffed grape leaves and hummus."


nadia January 26, 2013 at 05:43 AM
I've never tasted hummus or falafel like this before.Great veggie food, falafel and nice, fresh salads,this is my favorite Mediterranean place pretty tasty food this place has the best mediterranean style chicken and rice and the best gyro I've ever had in my life


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