Restaurant Review Round-Up: East Coast Pizza

See what people are saying about restaurants in the Chesterfield area.

It's a matter of some debate as to what truly qualifies as "St. Louis style" pizza, so this week the Restuarant Review Round-Up is skipping the argument entirely and grabbing a slice at East Coast Pizza.

The name comes from the business' original owners, who were from Philadalphia and New York and lived in New Jersey for many years. It remains a family-owned restaurant and serves up Big Apple-style pizza along with Philly cheesesteaks, sandwiches, soup, spaghetti and more.

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying. Have an opinion on the best place for dinner in the area yourself? Tell us in the comments or leave a review of your own here on Patch!

From Yelp (4.0 avg/21 reviews)

Jon T. gave it 3/5 stars: "This remains three stars after our second try.  We asked for the pizza to be well done and I would call it medium, still not really browned on the cheese. The Italian sausage is not very good.  It is more like ground beef, very fine and with not much seasoning.  The sauce is sweet, but fortunately they don't put on too much.  The crust is chewy, which is fine.  For all of this, which does not sound complimentary, it is the best we have found around this area and it is close by."

Monica B gave it 4/5 stars: "My BF is from Philly and this is the ONLY place he'll order a cheese steak in the STL area.  They're not my favorite type of sandwich, but East Coast definitely has the best one I've ever had near here.  I like them with mushrooms and hot peppers."

Logan S. gave it 4/5 stars: "Went in for a late night dinner with family! calzones were very large you can easily share one between 2 people! The prices are reasonable, but its not cheap. The quality is above your normal pizza chains though and every once in a while its worth the extra few bucks for that east coast experience."

From Google

Robert Purcell rated it very good: "St. Louis is not a great pizza town. This is probably the best NY style pizza I've had, and I eat it pretty often. It doesn't get better than this for pizza way out in Chesterfield, that's for sure. Recommended to all east coasters looking for a pizza fix, but don't necessarily expect it to be as good as what you can find in Philly or NY."

An anonymous reviewer rated it poor to fair: "GREASY, NASTY pizza. I love ALL types of pizza from thin to thick, Chicago to Cali... but this stuff is disgusting. Customer service was adequate (not overly friendly, but they did the job), quickly tended to and nice enough. The 'sausage' on the pizza reminded me of something worse than bacon bits, almost like they just pulverized the fake bacon bits and dusted them on the pizza. Gross."


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