Restaurant Review Round-Up: Fin

See what people are saying about restaurants in the Chesterfield area.

Sushi must be a popular choice for Chesterfield residents, given the number of such establishments in the area, so this week the Restaurant Review Round-Up is reeling in the catch from Fin Japanese Cuisine to see how it measures up against the sea of competition.

Fin is a full-service Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, and from the kitchen a variety of dishes are available, including appetizers, noodle soups, salads, bento boxes and desserts. The sushi bar offers a large selection of regular and special rolls, including the special Shogun, Spider Roll, and the Lobster Volcano Roll. 

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying. Have an opinion on the best place for sushi in the area yourself? Tell us in the comments or add a review of your own right here on Patch.    

From Patch:

Kurt Greenbaum gave it 4/5 stars and said: "I went here for the first time tonight and loved it. Great to see this former Einstein's location turn into something so good. The bar and the restaurant are beautiful. We only had sushi, but it was delicious. The rest of the menu looks tempting, too."

From Yelp (3.5 avg/28 reviews)

Michael W. gave it 2/5 stars and said: "The food isn't bad by any means, but their sushi just didn't blow me away.  I know mayo is used in Japanese dishes, and spicy mayo in sushi is great, but it feels weird and wrong to put a non-spicy mayo it on softshell crab (which is perfect the way it is).  And it looked as if I got a cut from the bloodline in my spicy tuna roll.  I can't really recommend it personally.  It's not terrible, but it's not great."

Samantha O. gave it 5/5 stars and said: "The service is always terrific here, and of course my husband and I can't seem to figure out that  20 sashimi pieces and 5 rolls are too much for two people.  What??? Our eyes are waaaay bigger than our stomachs here.  They have mastered the lobster roll, by the way, and is a staple for us every time we go.  Nice ambience, fair prices, excellent quality and very fresh.  Highly recommend.  This is definitely a hidden gem."

From Urban Spoon:

Jessica likes it and said: "The volcano roll was filling and delicious; the crunch roll was a refreshing take on more traditional seaweed wraps. Overall, highly recommend, just keep in mind that a sushi dinner is expensive, no matter where you go."

STLFoodie doesn't like it and said: "Why would anyone go to Fin when Momoyama's (formerly Yoshi's) is right across Clarkson and has served the freshest, best sushi in the area for years and years? It's a no brainer."


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