Restaurant Review Round-Up: Oceano Bistro

See what people are saying about restaurants in the Chesterfield area.

This week's Restaurant Review Round-Up is sampling the seafood at Oceano Bistro, located on Chesterfield Parkway just south of Chesterfield Mall. 

The specialty seafood restaurant is one of two in the St. Louis area with the original located in Clayton. The focus is on combining fresh seafood with fresh local produce to create inspired and unique dishes. 

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying. Have an opinion on the best place for dinner in the area yourself? Tell us in the comments!

From Yelp (4.0 avg/11 reviews)

Robert J. gave it 4/5 stars and said: "I have to say everything I had was pretty good.  I tasted their Kobe sliders, prawns, crab cakes and salmon flat bread.  The Kobe sliders had great flavor, but were hit and miss on the temperature.  Some were burnt to a crisp and some were bloody as hell.  The prawns were huge and the sauce that it bathed in was very good.  The crab cakes were very rich and probably my favorite, very tasty.  The flat bread was very good too, but the crust of some were a little soggy."

Andy K gave it 5/5 stars and said: "Amer and team deliver at a very high level. The place is fantastic and rivals Clayton for service and Food.  This is my go to place for fresh seafood in St. Louis.  Chesterfield is starting to have some really first rate restaurants and there is no need to drive to Clayton or the City.  Shrimp app and tuna is fantastic.  Go here for fresh seafood."

Adam T gave it 3/5 stars and said: "I'm mixed on this place at the moment.  The wine list actually appeared to have some thought put into it, which was a nice change from some other restaurants in the area that could have picked up from Schnuks. ... Unfortunately, my girlfriend's halibut was completely seasonless (and tasteless).  Seems like they were maybe relying on the flavor of the fish (unfried halibut doesn't have a lot of taste), but for a $30 entree I'd say that's disappointing."

From Open Table (4.2 avg/162 reviews)

An anoymous reviewer gave it 3/5 stars and said: "With the exception of my scallops being a bit burning the overall the experience was really good. I would definitely go back and recommend to a friend."

An anoymous reviewer gave it 5/5 stars and said: "We had a wonderful evening at Oceano. The food was excellent and our server Ryan really made the evening special with the outstanding service he provided us. Great ambiance in a nice location and easy to get to- I highly recommend this to anyone local or out of town."


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