Restaurant Review Round-Up: Smashburger

See what people are saying about restaurants in the Chesterfield area.

There are many good reasons to be a vegetarian -- and many good reasons not to be, such as the freedom to consume a juicy, delicious hamburger. In honor of the stable carnivore item, the Restaurant Review Round-Up this week is visiting Smashburger. 

The fast-food chain is one in a new series of more "upscale" burger establishments, such as Five Guys, that have recently become popular nationwide. While burgers such as the BBQ, bacon and cheddar are definitely the focus, they also serve chicken sandwiches, salads, shakes and vegetarian burgers. 

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying. Have an opinion on the best place for dinner in the area yourself? Tell us in the comments or leave a review of your own here on Patch!

From Yelp (3.5 avg/31 reviews)

Andy D. gave it 4/5 stars: "Smashburger is the redeeming quality of a drive out to Chesterfield. Here, you'll find what I think is the best fast or fast-casual burger in all of the St. Louis metro region. Get a small or regular-sized burrito on a pretzel bun, add Smashsauce, and throw in some Smashfries and you will be licking your lips for many hours afterward."

Shawn M. gave it 4/5 stars. "It was a good burger for the price. It actually had some flavor to it and wasn't too bland. This is sometimes an issue for me because I always get my burgers with only cheese. That's just how I roll. The fries were fine. I can't remember what made the fries 'Smash Fries' special but they seemed soaked in grease or oil. Meh."

Diana J. gave it 2/5 stars: "Burgers were a disappointment though, both the BBQ bacon burger and the spicy Baja burger tasted bland and similar to each other. Definitely needed ketchup and additional condiments to kick it up. Side of chili cheese fries were probably the worst ones I've had in a long time. Fries were hard and kind of stale, chili was a really dark color and not very saucy, and VERY salty."

From Urban Spoon

Andrea liked it: "The burgers were juicy, and the smashfries were seasoned perfectly."

Ravi Dawar liked it: "I tried a chicken burger. It was not the best burger I ever had but it was good. I liked the sautéed onions in it. Overall, I will rate my experience as good. Not sure whether I will go there again."

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Vic Panus March 19, 2013 at 02:00 AM
First trip all was well, but the second trip on a Saturday about 6pm was bad. Apparently the burgers were pre-fried waiting for the crowd as one side of the burger was hard and dried out. They advertise cooked to order and they should be for that price. Hot and juicey but cooked with no pink not burnt. I'll giver them one more shot. Maybe they had a new cook that night.


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