Restaurant Review Round-Up: Yia Yia's

See what people are saying about restaurants in the Chesterfield area.

The Restaurant Review Round-Up has renewed its passport and is crossing the pond to check out Yia Yia's Euro Bistro this week. 

It's location at 15601 Olive Boulevard is meant to give the feel of a Eurocafe with stonework and multiple levels. The menu features plenty of rotating specials and an emphasis on locally sourced foods. 

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying. Have an opinion on the best place for dinner in the area yourself? Tell us in the comments or add a review of your own right here on Patch.    

From Yelp (4.0 avg./50 reviews)

Amanda H. gave it 5/5 stars and said: "I got the Bills Chicken Salad, which quite possibly could be the best salad I've ever had. I'm a firm believer that chicken tenders can make or break a good salad... and these were perfect! Not from a frozen pack, they were obviously hand breaded with care and with a breading that is soooo good."

Marsha W. gave it 4/5 stars and said: "The food is good and locally sourced.  I had the beef tenderolin which was some of the best steak I ever had.  On the down side the potato puree and veggies were not even luke warm.  They need to work on that but the overall quality made up for the lack of temperature."

Bryan M. gave it 3/5 stars and said: "The food is fine, but not in synch with the expectations (given the presentation and the pricing). Had the gnocchi appetizer, and the complimentary bread with a yogurt-like dip, and dinner was off to a great start.  Salad came next and was fine. Dinner was the yellowfin. Over cooked / dry ... after having it described as a sushi-like experience. Ambiance is good. Decor is trendy, Mediterranean/northern Italy - reminded me of northern California.

From Urban Spoon:

Ravi Dawar liked it and said: "Had a stomach full!! I went for a Sunday brunch and it met my expectations, in quality as well as in quantity. I loved the little chocolate chip pancakes, roasted chicken and smoked salmon. In deserts, small pudding cake and baclava is worth trying for."

Catullus66 didn't like it and said: "I live very close to the franchise in Chesterfield, MO and it is so convenient. But enough is enough. Was there for dinner 6 weeks ago and main plate was so-so. Salad was limp. Today pizza special was $12.95, room temperature when served, and flavorless, even though the verbal description made me drool. Domino's has more flavor and is far less expensive."


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