Slow and Steady Wins the Turtle Sundae Race

In this week's "Food Fight!" we compare turtle sundaes from three ice cream shops.

The turtle sundae is the perfect combination of demure vanilla ice cream, rich and luscious chocolate, and sweet caramel. Topped with whipped cream, pecans and a marachino cherry it is hard to go wrong with this treat, but we have a winner in our midst.

: 1138 Town & Country Crossing Dr., Town and Country
Eugene's has generous portion sizes, and the presentation was impressive, with a little flair and a swirl of whipped cream. The pecans were especially flavorful—toasted, smoky, ever so slightly salted. The ice cream had a rich, custard flavor and the chocolate and caramel tasted real, not artificially flavored. The amount of ice cream was of greater proportion to the toppings, though the quality was top notch.

The good: Great natural flavors from the roasted pecans, caramel, chocolate and the custard.
The bad: The sundae could have used more toppings to balance out the generous portions of vanilla custard.

155 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield
Finding Sheridan's was a little daunting because of its location behind the strip mall. The rapid service made my anticipation somewhat anticlimactic. This was especially true when confronted with a small portion (although it was technically the large), in a small, flimsy plastic cup. The flavors were somewhat unbalanced. Although the chocolate was flavorful and abundant, the caramel was on the bottom and not apparent until I was almost finished with the sundae. The pecans were not roasted and a little too salty. Overall, when the different components came together the sundae was just OK.

The good:  Once mixed together, the flavors did balance out, and the chocolate was particularly good. Sheridan's offers nice outdoor seating and view, so bring your dog and order a free puppy cone.
The bad: The custard seemed more like soft-serve ice cream than custard, with a somewhat bland flavor and salty pecans. The plate presentation and portions were unimpressive.

: 15021 Manchester Rd., Ballwin
The old-fashioned feel, along with table chess sets make Oberweis an inviting place to have some ice cream. The ice cream itself was rich and creamy, a subtly different flavor than a concrete. Glass sundae dishes made it an extra special treat. The chocolate and caramel surrounded the ice cream, rather than topped it, and the chopped pecans blend in more easily than whole pieces, creating a more cohesive sundae. The balance of vanilla, chocolate and caramel flavors, along with a generous topping of whipped cream, made this a nice sundae.

The good: The vanilla ice cream was rich and creamy, and the overall flavor was superb.
The bad: Toasting the pecans would have deepened the flavor. Much of the flavor was sugary, rather than the specific flavor of the chocolate or caramel.

The winner: Eugene's Custard. The quality and distinct flavors of ingredients made this the winning sundae.

Next week, we'll review spicy tuna rolls. Who has the best spicy tuna roll in West County? Let us know in the comments.


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