Waste Hauler Investing in Natural-Gas Powered Trucks

The parent company of Allied Waste, Republic Services hauls trash in Chesterfield and said it will replace its fleet of diesel trucks with vehicles power by compressed natural gas.

Republic Services, a waste and recycling company that contracts with Chesterfield, has announced that it will invest nearly $25 million in the St. Louis area to replace its fleet of diesel vehicles with 72 collection trucks powered by compressed natural gas. 

The decision is aimed at making Republic's operations cleaner and quieter, according to a press release from the company. Natural gas produces 23 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel fuel and vehicles using a compressed natural gasy system are 90 percent quieter. 

"While there is a significant upfront financial commitment involved in our switch to compressed natural gas, the long-term environmental and economic benefits merit the change," said Tim Trost, area president for Republic Services. 

The switch to the cleaner technology was made in an effort to incorporate practices that Republic Services sees as both ecnomically and enviornmentally sustainable. The waste and recycling company said it hopes to operate nearly 80 CNG-fueled trucks in the St. Louis area by the end of 2012 with plans to have more than 3,100 trucks nationwide running on natural gas and other alternative fuels by the end of 2015. 


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