Where to Find a Nintendo Wii U in Chesterfield

The next-generation gaming console goes on sale today, but shortages are expected for those without pre-orders.

It's release day for the latest gaming console from Nintendo and only the quick or those with pre-orders are likely to find one in stores today. 

The Nintendo Wii U debuts at $300 and likely to be one of the most sought-after items of the holiday season with the company hoping to move 3.5 million units this year. However, national media is reporting that shoppers who haven't pre-ordered can expect day-one shortages

Locally, representatives from the Chesterfield locations of Target, Walmart and Best Buy said they would have some Wii U's on hand for those who didn't pre-order, but expected them to sell out quickly. "I would get here soon rather than later" was the advice of one electronics clerk. 

Video game retailer Gamestop said its St. Louis stores will only have enough Wii U's for those who have pre-ordered. 

The stores also estimated that they would receive additional shipments throughout the holiday season and recommended shoppers call the retailer in advance to see when there might be some in stock. 

If you're not familiar with this latest gaming gadget, Time.com has a posted a great summary that gives a run-down on the console.

Nintendo is aiming to re-invent gaming much like it did with the original Wii's motion controls, this time featuring one controller that has its own separate screen built-in, which allows for so-called "asynchronous gameplay." Of course, it also packs more processing power and will be the first Nintendo console to feature HD capabilities. 

Here's where you can expect to find a Wii U in Chesterfield:

  • Target -- two locations at 40 THF Boulevard, (636) 536-6207; and 1272 Town and Country Crossing Drive, (636) 591-0234
  • Gamestop -- two locations at 42 THF Boulevard, (636) 536-6926; and in Chesterfield Mall, (636) 532-5407


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