Target Bans Sale of Kindle eReaders By June, Local Analyst Says Why

Amazon.com Kindle brand of e-readers and tablets will be off the store's shelves.

Patrons of will no longer be able to compare Amazon's Kindle and Kindle Fire to other popular e-readers and tablets at the big-box retailer in Chesterfield Valley.

Target decided to stop selling Amazon.com Kindle e-readers and tablets—and all related products from its stores by the end of the month, Bloomberg Businessweek reported Wednesday

Matt Arnold, an analyst for in Des Peres told Businessweek, that the move makes sense given competition between Target and Amazon's online stores, as well as Target's decision to dedicate more store space to Apple products.

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Ann Book May 03, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Why is the title "...Bans Sale of Kindle eReaders..." instead of the more accurate "...Ends Sale..." or the even-less-dramatic "Stops Selling"? How can a store ban sales in itself? A ban implies an outside force on something.
Gman May 03, 2012 at 03:22 PM
I don’t understand why store space would be an issue if only 25 of the over 2,000 nation wide stores will have a mini-Apple store. Perhaps there are other reasons Target cannot comment on, however, I do hope one of those 25 stores is here in Denver. I haven’t seen the new iPad3 Retina display because Target is closer to Dish, my workplace. Currently, my family uses the iPad2 I purchased recently with the Dish Remote Access app for operating my TV controls, paying my bill, and watching on-demand programming when I’m working in the garage.


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