800 Dogs Join Chesterfield Park In One Month Since Opening

Chesterfield Mayor Bruce Geiger announces the surprising total, so far.

City officials reported some 800 dogs and their resident owner-companions have joined Chesterfield's new dog park on Old Baxter Road, behind .

has been sharing the soaring count since Sept. 1 when opened. It was several hundred dogs the first two days of opening, then about another 200 every week since.

The dog run is just part of the city's newest park. There is also a walking trail and secluded pond on the former farm property.

after the city bought the property from private owners. An aging red barn remains on the site for storage, officials said.

The city also installed modest bathrooms and parking, and limited lighting, since the park closes one-half hour after sunset.

The dog run area has an open shelter for humans, and a somewhat natural-looking water feature of large rocks and running water for dogs.

This year, dog owners only paid $10 to join, since the year was three-fourths over when the park opened. Next year it would cost $30 to join, officials said.

It is a resident-only park and joiners must show proof of residence in Chesterfield and current medical records of the dogs to staff within the front lobby.

The entrance gate to the dog run is a combination lock.

GUS October 04, 2011 at 04:35 PM
At some point, someone from the city is going to have to go out there and keep an eye on things. There are some very aggresive dogs that have bitten other dogs. In spite of the notice about no kids under 10, there are a lot of parents letting their "under 10" year olds, someimtes these kids can barely walk, walk around and they are getting knocked over by the dogs. I'm sure at some point there is going to be some unfortunate incident that will involve a dog running in the dog park and someone's perfect child.
Mary May December 04, 2012 at 11:22 PM
I agree, just like I'm sure parents wouldn't want our dogs chasing their kids at the play ground, children have no business being in a dog park, where then can be knocked down by playful dogs. I read that they want to allow pit bulls in, which is a mistake, since other dogs parks I've read about have most serious injuries from pit bulls. Yes, other dogs bite and nip, but pit bulls do the most damage.


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