Chesterfield Crime: Assault, Fraud and Annoyances

It happens, and it's a crime.

Police said: It's Assault

  • A 76-year-old man threatened his wife from 6am until noon, in order to get his name put in her trust. It was in the 14000 block Coeur Dalene Court, April 21. 
  • A 14-year-old girl and 52-year-old woman were pushing each other around in a family argument—no one injured. It was about 3pm, in the 1900 block Squires Way, April 20.
  • At eight in the morning, a 30-year-old man threatened his girlfriend with a gun. When she broke a window for some reason, he pulled her arm through it and she was "moderately" cut, police said. It was in the 500 block Kings Cross Lane, April 21.

Police: It's Party City

  • Parents in the 14000 block Ladue Road were cited when their 16-year-old son threw a party and minors were in possession of alcohol, at 10:30pm on April 21. The parents displayed "failure to exercise control," police said.
  • In the 90 block Conway Cove Drive, a large underage party at the home of a 47-year-old woman was broken up by police about 12:28pm. They said they found marijuana, alcohol and other paraphenalia. The woman, was cited for failure to exercise control over misdemeanor drugs possession. April 20.

Police clarify: It's so Annoying

  • For nearly a year, neighbors called police to complain that a 57-year-old man allowed his dogs to bark at 4am, in the 200 block Lehigh Meadows Drive. The man was cited with a barking dog violation. 
  • On Summer Blossom Lane, 14000 block, a 51-year-old man was cited at 4:30pm for allowing his dog to run loose through the neighborhood, in violation of a city ordinance. April 19.
  • Someone unknown was making threatening phone calls to a victim living in the 14000 block Cazado Drive. It was reported about 3pm on April 20.

Police called it: Fraud

  • A 20-year-old woman was caught turning in false time vouchers to a business, in order to collect pay for days she did not work. It happened over about two weeks in January/February, in the 16000 block Swingley Ridge Road, 300.
  • A 34-year-old man was cashing checks using a victim's information. It happened at 17000 Chesterfield Airport Road in early February over five days, police said.
  • Someone was sending letters to customers on a businesses' letterhead, saying that customers' confidential information had been somehow compromised. Police report it happened in April between the 4th and 23rd, at 700 block Spirit 40 Park Drive.
  • In a case of identity theft, a victim discovered April 17 that someone used personal information to file income tax returns; 17000 block Hillcrest Meadow Drive.
  • In another case of identity theft, a victim discovered April 19, that someone opened a Paypal account using the victim's name and other information. 1200 block Creve Coeur Crossing Lane L.



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