Restaurant Review Round-Up: Villa Farotto

See what local residents are saying about Chesterfield restaurants.

Just like last week's pancakes, Italian food is another fiercely debated dining genre in the greater St. Louis area. It's hard to go wrong with a plate full of pasta and a glass of red wine, so the restaurant review round-up is saying buonasera to Villa Farotto. 

The location is the sister store to the well-known Farotto's and specializes in Tusan-inspired cuisine with signature pastas, chicken dishes, seafood, steaks and chops, and pizza. The restaurant's layout allows for different dining "themes" as well, from full-scale dining to a casual cafe visit. 

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Chesterfield Patch did a round-up of reviews to get a flavor of what people are saying about the Villa Farotto. Add a review of your own right here on Patch, or put your opinions in the comments in the section below.   

From Patch:

Ann gave it 5/5 stars and said: "I had a 70th birthday party for my mother at VF. great service, great staff, great food, great atmosphere. It was perfect!"

Kirk Rehkop gave it 2/5 stars and said: "I made 12:30 Mother’s Day reservations approximately 4 – 6 weeks ago for my fiancée and mother; neither had been before. My first surprise/disappointment was that brunch was the only thing being served .... My family and I were also not satisfied with the service received, sloppy attire, etc. The food selection, in regard to the variety, was not at all sufficient based on price and lacked quality. 

"The overall experience was something less than subpar and what I thought was going to be a very nice occasion turned out to be something entirely different."

From Yelp: 

Natalie M. gave it 3/5 stars and said: "The food here is lovely. Really delicate. Even though this restaurant is out in the valley in chain-restaurant hell, they actually serve rational portions and thoughtful food. Their seafood is fresh, and the pasta dishes I've had have always been cooked nicely al dente, not mushy and over-boiled. Their risotto is creamy but not heavy. They seem to have a good handle on serving *nice* Italian food.

"The thing that knocked off the stars, though, was the service. The wait staff are all very nice, and very attentive, but whoever decides how many servers they need per shift is way optimistic. I felt bad for our poor waiter who had so much to handle, he at one point took off sprinting to the back."

Andrew R. gave it 3/5 stars and said: "Positives:  Great service- best waiter (knowledge food, wine and personality) we have had in a while, 12 oz fillet was cooked perfectly and might have weighed 16oz.  Mussels app looked great though I did not try it.  They just don't sit right with me anymore.  Sea Bass was cooked perfectly, juicy with a hint of lemon. 

"Negatives:  Calamari was average, ambiance was definitely lacking, second night at a fine dining restaurant in West County that had a band in the bar, prices (place is good for West County, but I don't know if it could really hold up in the city)."


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