Top 5 Chesterfield News Stories in October

Check out Patch's recap of some of our most popular news stories from October.

Highway construction, vacant buildings and presidential debates -- Chesterfield Pactch has crunched the numbers and come up with a list of the top five most popular news stories for the month of October.

A round-up of the month's most popular crime stories was done separately and can be found here. 

Chesterfield motorists can expect to see some changes to the Highway 40-Clarkson Road interchange as the result of Mercy Healthcare's planned virtual care hub.

2.) Stages St. Louis May Move Into Vacant Chesterfield Parkway Building

More than a year after Congregation Kol Am dissolved and abandoned its 4-year-old building on East Chesterfield Parkway, the location may soon have a new tenant.

3.) 'Friends Don't Let Friends Live in Chesterfield' Developer Says Slogan a Success

St. Louis-based developer UIC caused a stir in Chesterfield in September when they announced their "Friend's Don't Let Friends Live in Chesterfield" slogan, with the phrase generating plenty of discussion here on Patch

4.) Who Won The Final 2012 Presidential Debate: Obama or Romney?

Who won Monday night's debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney? It might have been Major League Baseball, as the politicians competed with Game 7 of the St. Louis Cardinals-San Francisco Giants pennant series.

5.) Restaurant Review Round-Up: Kim Cheese 

This family-owned eatery is aiming to create fresh burgers, tacos and burritos with a Korean twist and opened in September (after some delay) on Olive Boulevard near Woods Mill Road.  

Other popular stories for the month

  • Chesterfield Resident and Crown Candy Kitchen Owner Passes Away at 57
  • Restaurant Review Round-Up: PM BBQ
  • Obama-Romney Presidential Debate: Who Won?
  • Urgent Care Center Due to Open Nov. 1 on Clarkson Road
  • Chesterfield Will Soon Have its First Buffalo Wild Wings


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