Year in Review: The Top 10 Stories of 2012

Outlet malls, fatal car crashes and a possible apocalypse - read on to find what were the most clicked, talked about and otherwise important stories from Chesterfield Patch for the past year

Editor's note: This list is based primarily on the most popular stories for the year with some changes made to avoid redundancy and adjust for their news value. 

10) Outlets Mall Developer Details Brand Stores for Chesterfield Location

Without a doubt, the curious tale of two competing outlet mall developers seeking to build massive complexes within five miles of each other has raised an eyebrow or two in Chesterfield and beyond. 

This particular story drew the most attention from Chesterfield Patch readers, but there is plenty more where that came from on our outlet mall topic page. With the walls up at both locations, it's sure to be a big story throughout 2013 as well. The companies are both aiming to open in August. 

9) New Ross-Dress-for-Less Opened In Chesterfield Commons

Patch covered a slew of business comings and goings throughout the year, but it was the opening of the Ross Dress-for-Less in March that interested readers the most. 

The store is located in Chesterfield Commons and was the first of the discount apparel chains approximately 1,000 stores to open in the St. Louis area. The retailer also sells a variety of housewares, such as furniture, dishes, fitness gear and those "as seen on TV" items you just can't live without. 

8) NASA Explains Why The World Isn't Ending Today

Despite almost every sensible person in the country knowing full well the world (probably) wasn't going to end, this matter-of-fact and only slightly sarcastic explanation from the pros at NASA was a big hit. 


The road was closed in both directions over the summer as construction crews replaced a creek bridge. The closure doubtlessly proved a point of frustration for many Chesterfield drivers who probably read this story with a sense of dread. The road was re-opened in September. 

The construction was part of a $5.2 million project by St. Louis County on Baxter Road that included widening parts, adding easements, grading out hills and dips, taking out curves, and enclosing the creek.

6) Massage Therapist Charged With Secretly Filming Nude Women

Chesterfield Police said massage therapist Kirk Jackson, 38, of St. Charles, secretly filmed eight women when they were partially or fully nude as he worked in Chesterfield. St. Charles Police found the videos on Jackson's computer. They were filmed at the Jewish Community Center, 16801 Baxter Road, from Nov. 28 through March 6; and at 1390 Timberlake Manor Parkway on Dec. 15.

5) Fatal Crashes Claim Several Lives

Traffic fatalities create tragedies across the country every year, and Chesterfield was no exception in 2012. In particular, a pair of accidents took the lives of two young individuals when a Missouri Baptist Freshman was killed in a three-car crash in March and later in July when a teenager was killed after driving the wrong way on Highway 40.

4) Faust Park Will Join the Food Truck Craze

The food truck scene exploded in the St. Louis area this year with many ambitious restaurateurs taking to the streets to pursue culinary dreams. The craze came to Chesterfield over the summer as Faust Park played host for a gathering of food trucks every fourth Thursday for several months. 

3) Friends Don’t Let Friends Live in Chesterfield’—New Slogan of St. Louis Developer

This cheeky marketing campaign by the St. Louis-based UIC, complete with bumper stickers and T-shirts, drew a variety of responses and a lot of attention from readers. Some saw it as a harmless ploy while others took the slander a little more personally. Either way, it's hard to argue that it didn't work as a publicity stunt. 

2) Chesterfield Man Arrested in Molestation Charge

A Chesterfield man arrested in April was charged with six counts of child molestation. Thomas Marvin Hill, 56, of Country Ridge Drive, was charged with sexually touching two young people on multiple occasions from June 5, 2006 through Nov. 19, 2010, according to a report from Chesterfield Police.

The story drew heated outrage on Patch from Hill's neighbors, who were shocked to find the alleged sex offender lived so close. A follow-up by report Patch revealed that Hill no longer lives in Chesterfield. 

1) 'Zombie Threat' Hacked Onto Digital Road Sign In Chesterfield

Coming in at No. 1 was a story that's a bit unusual. It wasn't a scandal or a controversy or even a tragedy, but rather a harmless prank that probably had Chesterfield drivers seriously scratching their heads. The message appeared to be a practical joke on commuters ... or perhaps a sincere warning? 

What was the biggest story of the year form your perspective? Tell us in the comments section below!


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