Attorney General Chris Koster Has Record of Inaction on ObamaCare

To show Chris Koster's record of inaction on ObamaCare, the Ed Martin campaign now has an interactive timeline feature on our website that details Koster's repeated failure to act.

We ought to have a Missouri Attorney General who will stand up for our freedom when an overreaching federal government tries to force their will upon us. We need an Attorney General who will be our lawyer, not Obama's lawyer.

Unfortunately, Attorney General Chris Koster did not stand up for 71 percent of Missourians who voted against ObamaCare.

To show Koster's record of inaction on this important issue, the Ed Martin for Attorney General campaign now has an interactive timeline feature on our website that details Koster's repeated failure to act.

You can see the timeline by clicking here. It is also available on the page as a PDF download.

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Rahib August 27, 2012 at 09:52 PM
I have a question for Paul Revere, can you discuss a topic without being an a-hole?
PaulRevere August 27, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Rahib: We are A REPUBLIC. that's the first thing you said that makes sense. But, a Republic does not mean "majority" vote rules. A Republic means a nation of "laws" (that's the constitution") B/T/W you certainly have quite a vocabuary of labels. Was it you I wrote"sticks and stones may break my bones-but names will never hurt me."
PaulRevere August 27, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Larry: Most things we buy in America are "twice" the cost in other countries. That is (was) because Amrican workers earned 3 X what most in other countries make. So it is incorrect to compare $ to euro or whatever. The price of Gasoline is $10 in europe, but no one can nor has the data records to actually calculate their "Universal Medical Costs" --My Personal experience can offer that Italian Govt medical controls who gets to live after age 70. They will care for the younger much quicker than the elderly. Now that is apparantly what you want. Fine. But we all should get that vote. The congress circumvented that vote by "FORCE" and that was wrong. Forcing a "TAX" passed as a Fee on business is going down socialism. They can technically force you to Buy a volt at $42,000 if they want. You would never be able to choose your car. Yet, that is exactly what obama Health TAX did. that is exactly what any universal Health law Does. I should be able to choose my Deductibles, Not govrnment. I should not pay or share in a smoker or drug addict or young woman prostitutes medical bills. If you want to share in lifestyle medical, I won't argue against your decisions.
Larry Lazar August 28, 2012 at 02:20 AM
Thanks for your response Paul, re your statement: "Most things we buy in America are "twice" the cost in other countries", the basis for my comparison is percentate of GDP. Percentage of spending is an apples to apples comparison. The US spends almost 18% of total Gross Domestic Product on Health Care while most developed countries, including 36 that have higher health care rankings, spend less then 9%. Canada, at 11%, is still costly, but probably the only way to get cost any lower would be to move to a truly govt run system - like Great Britain has. It's far cheaper, and pretty effective, but the US public likely would not stomach the idea. Again, I calculated the 40 year difference and came up with about 12.5 trillion that US citizens have overpaid since Nixon tried to pass univeral health care in 1972. My interest is in the economic viability of our country and I have yet to see an alternative model that comes close to Medicare for all in controlling and ulimately reducing the cost of heath care. Thanks, Larry
PaulRevere August 28, 2012 at 05:54 AM
LARRY: Why don't you just move to the state of Mass. There you can enjoy all the luxury and benefits of "free" statewide Universal Health care. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it. I am sure there are the Kettering's and Washington Universities all over the world just sprouting with new health discoveries. Right? I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle. My family and friends also lead fairly healthy lifestyles. I have paid over $12,000 health Ins.yearly over 40 years now (out of my pocket as self-employed)-- That's $480,000 of health insurance. I am sure you or your employer has also paid that. You know what, I have used about $60,000 of that during all 40 years. That $480,000 will continue under any universal coverages. TAXED somewhere , somehow. My product/service must charge for the health insurance I pay. So my customers pay higher prices. That is the cost of universal care. HIGHER PRICES, because everyone pays it. An uncontrollable cost it turns into. We all want better something in life. This country allows that without dragging ALL Americans into it. I have said all I want on this subject. Nice meeting you.


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