Unusual People: Part 3: Armed and Dangerous!

A demonstration is not always a good idea.

The first squadron of planes I was assigned to after completing electronics school, was at a Naval Air Station in Florida, west of Jacksonville. Most of the new guys like me were young, and single, and lived in the barracks. A few however, were married and lived in a house, or apartment off the base. Usually, these were very small, and plain, but we thought they were very lucky not to have forty, of fifty roommates in one large "room".

Some of these shipmates (Navy for buddies) were nice enough to occasionally invite several of us co-workers over for the evening if we would bring a few beers. And they would furnish chips, and other snacks.

This time we were at a small house off the base with a nice couple, and were all watching TV, and telling jokes, and stories, and having a great time. Now, this guy was nice, but sometimes he got a bit over enthusiastic about some things.

Well, on the show, one of the characters said something about "russian roulette", and the wife said "what does that mean"? So he jumps up, goes over, and pulls a revolver out of a drawer, and says "it's easier to show you". Now we were getting nervous, and told him to just explain it. But nooo, he says don't worry, it's perfectly safe. He pops open the cylinder, dumps out the bullets, puts all but one on the table, and puts the one back into the cylinder, spins it while telling what he's doing, looks at where it is, and snaps it closed. He then says "You point it at you head", and he did, "and pull the trigger", and he did while pointing the gun at the front door.

Well....as you can probably guess, he was wrong about which way the cylinder rotated, and the gun went off, and blew a hole in his front door, and went into the front yard and into the dirt. All of us could see the other's lips moving, but couldn't hear a thing for a good while, and then mostly a ringing in our ears. I think he went to change his clothes, and we went outside with the neighbors, and looked around like them wondering where the noise came from.

Other than having to buy a new door, things worked out OK for all....he stopped "demonstrating" things, and we all got our hearing back eventually.

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