Get your summer body part 1

How to lose body fat and get lean before summer...

So the new years resolution of losing weight didn't work out for you.  However there is still plenty of time to get that sizzling summer body you have always wanted.  First and foremost you HAVE To get that eating under control.  I dont like to use the word diet it is a bad word in my dictionary.  Contrary to what people believe a diet is, as soon as your put your self on a diet and take certain things out of your eating habits, those are the exactly the foods that you want to eat after two days of "Dieting."

Here, is my solution.  Each week take out one thing that you think causes you to gain weight.  Each week it can be something different, or you can rotate two things out everyother week.  For example, week one you take out alcohol and week 2 you take out sugars.  This way you are not completely depriving yourself and you willl more likely stick to good eating.

One of the most important thing that causes fat storage in the body is excess Carbohydrates.  Carbs include, bread, pastas, alcohol, sugars, desserts along with many more.  Limit these entirely! i say limit because contrary to the low carb fad diets, you actually need carbs to lose body fat and for your brain to function properly.

Also at any meal any time of the day.  Be sure to pair up a protein, carb and healthy fat.  This goes without saying but i will anyways, with healthy proportions.  The protein pairs up with the carb in the body, and doesnt trigger fat storage as often.  The Fat will actually help you stay satisfied longer so you are less likely to feel hungry an hour later.  My clients never believe me at first when i tell them this but Fat is your friend when it comes to eating.  Now that doesnt mean go fry up a stick of butter and go to town on eating it. 

With these simple changes in your eating habits you will see quick progress on leaning out and losing body fat.  This is step one, stay tuned and I will keep feeding you info my little birds.

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