Great Escape: Between Errands, Take a Quick Coffee Break

Caffeine is every mother's best friend. Here are the best, and most convenient, choices in the area.

Between dropping the kids off and running errands, sometimes the only time you have to escape the hustle and bustle is a five-minute break. In the midst of the chaos, use those five minutes to refuel, and take a java dive. Caffeinated drive-through locales are popping up everywhere, but here are the top choices to keep you wired.

: Cliché? Perhaps. But Starbucks has always been a top choice for moms on the go. Want an extra sugar rush to push the caffeine kick over the edge? Try a grande vanilla caramel latte with an extra shot of espresso. 14900 Manchester Rd., Ballwin.

: The St. Louis rival to Starbucks, Kaldi’s brews its coffee strong. Extra strong. So strong, in fact, that you don’t need to upgrade to an espresso-based drink. Kaldi’s Highlander Grogg is one of the best brews in town. But if you find yourself wanting espresso-entranced energy, opt for a Mayan Mocha. The Mayan mixes a kick of spice with the sweetness of chocolate. 17211 Chesterfield Airport Rd., Chesterfield.

: Coffee with conscience. More Than Coffee’s current location was actually featured on the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The coffee shop promotes Christian values, and the owner donates a portion of all his profits to local charities. Try the black and white mocha for a sweet treat. 14240 Manchester Rd., Manchester.


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