Holiday Photo Roundup: The Best of the Season from Chesterfield Patch

Candy cane hunts and visits from Santa are highlights of the holiday season.

It may be a bit cliche, but it's true: there's something magical about seeing a holiday through a child's eyes.

Some of my favorite memories are of my sister and youngest brother—who are seven and nine years younger than me, respectively—at Christmas: eyes aglow, hair sticking out every direction and barely able to sit still while they waited at the top of the stairs for the go-ahead to pad down in their pajamas and see what Santa left them. 

This year, I've been lucky enough to see that holiday glow in the eyes of some of your children. We've ran photos of kids trying their first candy cane and kids sitting on Santa's lap, puzzling over what to make of the friendly stranger or eagerly listing their hopes for Christmas gifts. With each picture that captures the light in their eyes, I've gotten a little jolt of holiday spirit and thought of my family and our holidays together. 

Here's some of the best Christmas photos we've ran this year. We'd love to feature photos of your family's celebration, too. E-mail photos and captions to rachel.heaton@patch.com, or add them onto the slideshow directly—just click "Add" under the photos.

marietta December 26, 2010 at 03:35 PM
so why just include only chesterfield in this editorial? And , why not all areas of St Louis? But I guess ,what they say which is, Chesterfield is too good for everyone else! They are in their own little world and no one else is invited in cause they are not good enough....is true! This editorial is proof. Why , at a time such as Christmas, the time for sharing and to try to subside the attitude of.. you have I have attitudes. do magazines even try not to show love for all and they stick ONLY to thier own area...... this should be a one time of the year effort, where everyone gets out of that BOX in all magazines, news editorials and radio shows, to show , others , examples of real love for ALL and to NOT separate anyones subdivisions...and what everyone is doing this Christmas season.....and every other one for that matter..
Rachel Heaton December 26, 2010 at 06:09 PM
Hi Marietta, The mission of Patch is hyperlocal news and information. Each site is only devoted to one, or sometimes two, communities. But, we are part of a national network. We have 23 (soon to be 24) sites in the St. Louis areas. If you head to patch.com and click on Missouri, you can see the other towns we are in. My colleagues in these towns have worked hard to document holiday celebrations in those towns, too. I hope you'll check it out. Thanks, Rachel Heaton Editor, Chesterfield Patch


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