Patch Parent Drops Limbaugh Ads Over Remarks

Associated Press says AOL media: "Not our core values."

AOL Media, the parent company of Chesterfield Patch is the eighth advertiser to pull Rush Limbaugh ads after his derogatory remarks about a law student testifying over health insurance, reported the Associated Press Monday morning.

See the AP article in its entirety by clicking here.

Limbaugh, a national talk-radio host, is originally from Cape Girardeau in southeastern Missouri. A series of male Limbaugh family members is made up of lawyers and judges, according to Wikipedia.

Rush Limbaugh dropped out of college at Southeast Missouri State University after a year. According to Wikipedia, his mother said "he flunked everything." At 61 years old, he's had four wives. He admitted to a prescription drug addiction—painkillers, in 2003.

Both an uncle and cousin of Rush Limbaugh are named Stephen Limbaugh and members of the Missouri Supreme Court. One of the judges performed in Chesterfield in December, with the

Red March 05, 2012 at 08:39 PM
In this age one cannot call a duck a duck even if it walks and quacks and looks like a duck. Red


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