Planned Parenthood: "Akin Made Medically, Factually Inaccurate Statement About Pregnancies and Rape"

The leading provider, educator and protector for reproductive health care in the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri for 80 years issues a definite response to Todd Akin's Sunday comments about "legitimate" rape.

On Sunday, U.S. Rep. Todd Akin made a medically and factually inaccurate statement , said Planned Parenthood of St. Louis and Southwest Missouri representatives.

Akin alleged that women’s bodies somehow naturally prevent pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.”

"While Representative Akin’s latest false statement is shocking and offensive, it is not surprising to those of us in Missouri who know him best. Representative Akin has spent his entire political career supporting extreme positions that are dangerous to women’s health," the 2:06 p.m. public statement declared.

The statement listed the following examples:

  1. Representative Akin co-sponsored many pieces of legislation that would overturn Roe v Wade and end safe, legal abortion in all circumstances.
  2. Representative Akin co-sponsored a bill to redefine a ban on federal funding for abortions to exempt only “forcible rape” and not “rape” generally.
  3. Representative Akin equates contraception with abortion and wants to ban them both.
  4. Representative Akin voted to deny women access to federally funded birth control and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood.
  5. Representative Akin supports personhood efforts which have been rejected in MS, CO and OK, and that could ban common forms of birth control and IVF.
  6. Representative Akin is opposed to students in public schools receiving age appropriate comprehensive sex education.

Most alarmingy, according to Planned Parenthood, is Akin’s extremist opposition to women’s health is completely in line with Mitt Romney’s running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan:

  • Like Akin, Ryan co-sponsored a bill to redefine “rape” to “forcible rape” which Representative Akin has said today is what he meant by “legitimate rape.”
  • Like Akin, Ryan voted last year to end funding to Planned Parenthood, putting at risk the cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing and treatment, and other preventive care that nearly three million Americans rely on each year.
  • Like Akin, Ryan would end all safe and legal abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the woman.Like Akin, Ryan supports personhood legislation, which would give full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs and could ban some forms of birth control and fertility treatments.

One in five U.S. women turn to Planned Parenthood—not to make a political statement—but to get high-quality, affordable health care and medically accurate information, stated the release.

The press statement concluded:  "The contrast between Representative Todd Akin and Senator Claire McCaskill could not be starker when it comes to women’s health."

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Gabrielle Vaughn August 21, 2012 at 01:13 PM
If Todd Akin's blatant callousness doesn't become an example, we will let it slide and before long, this kind of stupidity will become the accepted norm. He took his ego on camera and consciously delivered some of the most offensive statements ever made. We might even thank him for this because we needed that final wake-up call to let us know how truly misogynistic the Republicans are. Wake up women! Make a noise! Rape is rape in mind and in body! http://venusblogs.com/
Debra August 21, 2012 at 03:41 PM
http://www.christianliferesources.com/article/rape-pregnancies-are-rare-461 The truth can sometimes be offensive. Don't kill the messenger when you don't like the message. I would also suggest you watch the entire interview to hear Mr Akin's comments in their entirety. I find it interesting when Muslims kill women who have been raped, we consider that reprehensible. When Americans kill babies conceived in rape we consider that preferential...go figure. All the adults in the room understand 'legitimate' rape. 3,000 babies murdered every day in America at the hands of places like Planned Parenthood. A 9-11 everyday,,,but we are outraged at the true comments of a principled man with integrity..go figure.
RegalT62 August 21, 2012 at 05:23 PM
I certainly respect anyone who is against abortion and I certainly don't think they should ever have one or be forced to have one. However, when absolutely scientifically wrong reasons and explanations are offered as a reason for some public policy or political position, then that is too far. Those untruths must be corrected - and loudly.
Tom Maher August 21, 2012 at 07:30 PM
"Debra:" - "All the adults in the room understand 'legitimate' rape." My, how condescending. Taking that remark in concert with Mr. Akin's views on matters ranging from defense to food to health to the Constitution, the adults in the room can understand his myopic vision for 'Murrica. It is simply, like so many other modern "Republicans" - "I am always right and you are always wrong - all of the time, in every way, and I will never compromise." Tell that "rarity of rape-conception" boloney to someone to whom that happened...
Will August 22, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Are Americans so stupid that they can't understand what the man actually said? Are we so thinned-skinned and emotionally driven that we don't see the obvious intent in his statement? Of course a woman's body reacts during episodes of fear. You'd be a blabbering idiot if you don't understand that the chemicals a woman's body releases when fearful are the same ones she releases when she's trying too hard to get pregnant that aid in inhibiting conception. Good grief! When a physician tells a want-to-be mother to RELAX during intercourse, it's to help her body not to release these chemicals. I feel like my entire country, liberal & conservative, have completely lost all measures of common sense. Absolutely astounding stupidity.
RegalT62 August 22, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Will, you are wrong. Women do not release chemicals in her vagina or uterus when frightened, fearful or stressed. Please educated yourself - the science has been repeatedly explained over the past few days and easy to understand. Please, for the women in your life and all those you women love, learn about the body and the biology of conception.
Will August 22, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Regal, how can you believe what the feminist-loving talking heads spout for public consumption? This is unbelievable how utterly stupid we're becoming. How can you dump decades of research and centuries of common sense for a political agenda? This is so incredible it feels like a bad dream where I suddenly discovered everyone is an idiot. This whole thing reminds me of when Dr Lazar Greenfield was forced to resign as editor of Surgery News simply because he suggested that a man's semem is actually good for his wife which is clinically proven and total common sense. Emotional feminism went insane then, too.
RegalT62 August 22, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Huh? I am afraid you ARE the one who is misinformed. Read the science from five or six sources and really be open. I hate for you to go through life believing such junk. If you still insist on flying in the face of all the evidence, I'm not sure what to tell you. Your statements and arguments lose all crediability.
Will August 22, 2012 at 09:01 PM
This is unbelievable. It's fascism: throw lies to the public to get them in an emotional frenzy. The more emotion the more true it feels.
RegalT62 August 23, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Will, please look up the definition of fascism while you are learning about basic female biology.


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