Rockwood District Leaders Are Not Listening, Says Watchdog Coalition

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions says Rockwood School District administrators and Board of Education are "simply a strong-willed bureaucracy that doesn’t like change."

“Rockwood District officials clearly do not accept the fact that, at some level or another, RS for RS is a fair representation of the 46% of stakeholders who voted against the tax increase ballot measure this pass April. As a result, they do not value the input and representatives of Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions”.

RS for RS Advisory Board – September 1, 2012

Sorry, folks, we tried and, they are not listening.

We have brought to the forefront your concerns. We have educated and informed you on issues and decisions facing your district that are otherwise not detailed within the district’s communication apparatus. In turn, you came to your own decision and spoke at the ballot box in April and,

they didn’t hear you.

We have provided a vehicle to express your views and opinions without the fear of backlash or retribution upon your child, your business, your position in the community or your job in the district and,

they don’t believe you.

Despite all of our efforts to establish a working representative relationship with district officials and your Board of Education, similar to the one provided the teachers of the Rockwood National Education Association (pages 28- 31) and,

our input is dismissed.

We are definitely not a part of the Rockwood team. They are in charge and they like it that way. Our spokesperson and advisers are not validated or valued. There is no open seat at the table for an independent citizen group who represents the stakeholder-at-large. We have tried and,

they are simply a strong-willed bureaucracy that doesn’t like change.

Where does this leave you, your children, your business, your tax dollars, and OUR district community?  With only two options:

  • or continue to dedicate your time to earning a living; running your business; raising your families; helping others and balancing your own household budgets and,

speak your voice through your vote in April 2013

when there will be two open seats on the Board of Education

and a possible bond or tax levy on the ballot

Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions
"Keeping the focus on fiscal responsibility, students and teachers"

Eileen Tyrrell, Co-Founder/Spokesperson
Doug Aegerter, Rene Artman, Charlotte Fink, David Miller, Larry Tyrrell - Advisers
Eureka, MO


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