What Really Happened to Randy Feger?

As rumors swirl around the death of the beloved Florissant resident and father-of-four, many say the media isn’t telling the whole story. We’ve compiled what several sources say is the truth. Do you agree? Join the discussion.


As the community reels from the news of Randy Feger’s death, many Florissant residents are left wondering what really happened.

Several local people agree that that the “media isn’t telling the whole story” when it comes to

“So ruthless and senseless,” posted Cindy Forguson on the Florissant Patch Facebook page. “I really hope the suspect is charged with this ruthless crime. God love his kids and family!”

While most don’t seem to want to go “on the record” about what they know, plenty of people are talking about it, and many have very strong beliefs and opinions on what really happened to Randy Feger.  

Rumor Has It

Florissant Patch has been in touch with several residents who say they know what happened to Feger that night.

Each has asked that we maintain their confidentiality, but all told the same story.

According to at least three individuals who say they were at Pirates Cove Bar & Grill that night, Ferger was not involved in a fight over the washer tournament.

In fact, they insist, Feger wasn’t involved in a fight at all. Instead, he went outside to speak to the man who would later beat him.

The man allegedly had a fight with a woman inside the bar and Feger went outside to calm him down, sources said.

One source said that Randy was not a fighter and that he never lost his temper. People apparently went looking for him after he had been gone for awhile and found him lying on the ground unconscious outside behind the bar. He reportedly had a large bump on his head.

Someone threw water on him thinking he was drunk and passed out. Feger appeared to wake up, but he did not speak, the sources told Florissant Patch.

Feger’s girlfriend could not get him out of the car at home, so she left him there to sober up. When she came back out in the morning, she found him lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Our sources said that it should be safe to assume that Feger woke up and tried to walk into the house, but added that “the guy that beat him up knew where he lived” and that some people think he might've come back to finish the job.

“The first stories that came in were all false,” said one source. “This information was told to everyone at the first candlelight vigil.”

“I know both men,” said Chris Melinda Riti in a Facebook post. “This is not the first time the suspect has done this. Randy was a great person.”

Riti added that she knew Feger for more than 25 years, and that he touched many lives.

Rachel M. Ray Ray agreed, stating that she had known the suspect for 12 years and that he “is a jerk.”

What do you think? Is this how it happened, or is there more to the story? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

taylor ann February 24, 2013 at 08:04 PM
She had been drinking and i bet if you were in that same sitaution you would have done the same thing and given the fact that my dad has stay outside before, she thought he would just come inside. im pretty sure that lots of people wouldnt have thought to take him to the hospital i mean he was passed out when they left the bar and nobody said anything there.
KitCat Catterton February 25, 2013 at 03:52 PM
Taylor Ann~don't listen to these people who say your stepmom or WHOEVER ELSE "should've done this" or "should've done that"......THEY WEREN'T THERE (most of 'em) AND THEY DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT THE EXACT SITUATION WAS, EXACTLY WHAT STATE YOUR DAD WAS IN (ie: the sometimes, rather subtle differences between being inebriated & having mental status changes r/t a brain injury sustained during a beating).....SO......not only SHOULD THEY SHUT THE HELL UP, PARTICULARLY WHEN YOU, RANDY'S CHILDREN ARE CLEARLY READING & RESPONDING / REPLYING TO THESE POSTS, BUT ALSO BECAUSE ONE CAN'T EVER EVER SAY WITH ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE & UTTER CERTAINTY JUST FOR SURE HOW THEY'D ACT AND WHAT THEY'D DO IF THEY WERE IN THAT SAME SITUATION. TIS -NOT-NOT-NOTTY-NOT- THEIR RIGHT OR THEIR PLACE TO SAY "WHAT SHOULD'VE BEEN DONE!!!" IF y'all technically want to START with "what should've been done," you could start with that horrible, no good, thuggiot piece of crap that SHOULD'VE been locked up & had the keys THROWN AWAY......20-25 years ago, when he first STARTED his reign of terror, solving ALL of his problems with violence, being too uneducated to string together a coherent sentence or 2, to be able to state or defend his own viewpoint.
KitCat Catterton February 25, 2013 at 03:53 PM
And before ANY of the rest of you post anything else about what the GF, family, friends or even BUGS BUNNY SHUDDA DONE, WHY DONT YOU GIVE A MOMENTS THOUGHT FIRST TO JUST HOW YOUR SNIDE COMMENTS MIGHT FEEL & LOOK TO RANDY'S KIDS AND HIS GF WHO, I'm sure loved him very, VERY MUCH & is already hard enough ON HERSELF (WRONGLY SO) about all of this mess!!! Would you rub yer own kids' faces in the saddest, most tragic thing to happen in THEIR LIVES?? I think not!
Debbie May 05, 2013 at 07:12 AM
All I know is I loved Randy dearly...he used to stay at my house all the time...He was such a good friend. I want to know what happened....no one is getting by with murdering my friend, I want to know why he deserved what this mean insane individual did to him......I know in the bible it says not to hate....but I can't help but hate the ass that took my beautiful friends life.....HEY YOU....IF YOU'RE READING THIS....GOD WILL FORGIVE ME ONEDAY......BUT....I HATE YOU FOR TAKING MY FRIENDS LIFE......GO TO HELL!!!!!
Martin Kelly May 15, 2013 at 03:29 PM
This story saddens me. I did not really know Randy well. He seemed like a nice guy. To the family, I wish I could do more for you than offer my sincerest condolences. Justice will be done in this life or the next. Hopefully both. This "Tom" needs to suffer. To Those who are trying to point blame at the girlfriend or anyone other than Tom, What is wrong in your twisted little minds that makes anyone other than the guy who beat him to death the guilty party? And, think about this, if Tom followed him home, waited till he was alone, outside, and incapacitated, then drug him out of the car and finished the job, now its not an accident during a fight, now its premeditated first degree murder and he deserves the death penalty. Disagree? Why don't you go hang out with Tom and maybe you'll be next. To Tom. I hope I see you pushing a chick around someday. I won't be trying to calm you down. I'll be putting you down. Prick.


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