Chesterfield Heist Included Safe Stuffed With Cash, ATM Burglary

Police reported an overnight break-in at ice rink.

Someone broke in the back door of a Chesterfield ice skating rink to steal a safe full of cash in the business office, and cash from an automated teller machine (ATM), police reported. 

The burglary was overnight Sunday to Monday at  on North Outer Forty in Chesterfield Valley, across the highway from

"Detectives are currently working on it," a Chesterfield police spokesman said Wednesday.

The heist was sometime between 6 p.m. and 5:25 a.m., Feb. 5-6, police said.

Apparently someone pried open the rear door used for the Zamboni or ice-cleaning machine, at the typically busy recreation complex. The St. Louis Blues pro ice hockey team has been known to skate at Hardee's Iceplex.

Large numbers of ice hockey youth teams also play on one of the three rinks at the Iceplex.

After the break-in, a safe full of cash was missing from the ice rink business office, police reported.

Also, an ATM machine inside the complex was damaged, and the money inside taken, according to police.


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