Top Ten Crimes In Chesterfield This Week (Reported)

Who stole the silver in Chesterfield?

Here's the countdown. Disagree? Let us know in comments.

TEN: A 21-year-old man assaulted girlfriend in moving car, causing minor injuries after argument over text messages on 03/22 along I-64 West at Timberlake Manor. Assault common, actual assault. 

NINE: Unknown subject entered victim's unlocked vehicle and took two cell phones and a GPS unit on 03/26 in 15000 block of Conway Rd., Larceny over $500 from auto. 

EIGHT: Unknown subject took jewelry from victim's apartment on 3/18 in the 14000 block North Outer Forty. Larceny over $500 from residence. 

SEVEN: Unknown subject took prescription medication out of victim's purse on 3/24 in 16000 block Old Chesterfield Rd. Larceny under $500 from person.

SIX:  A 50-year-old woman female opened up two fraudulent credit cards using victim's name and personal information on 3/08 in 16000 block North Outer Forty Rd. Fraud credit card.

FIVE: Unknown subject took jewelry from victim's apartment on 3/18 in 14000 block North Outer Forty. Larceny over $500 from residence. 

FOUR: A 24-year-old man concealed sports trading cards and left store without paying on 03/23 in 100 block THF Blvd. Larceny under $500 shoplifting (retail store.) 

THREE: Unknown subject used victim's information to open a JC Penny credit account and make purchase on 03/26 in 15000 block Picardy Crest Ct. Fraud identity theft. 

TWO: Unknown subject defrauded victim by convincing her to send a wire transfer after being sent a fraudulent check on 03/2 in 1700 block Westmeade Dr. Fraud, deceptive in sale/advertising. 

ONE: Unknown subject took silver place setting from victim's residence on 03/08 in 15000 block Claymoor Ct. 7. Larceny under $500 from residence. 

Other reports that didn't make the top ten. Disagree? Let us know in comments.


  • 03/08 in 300 block S. Woods Mill Rd. Larceny over $500 person. Unknown subject took cash out of victim's purse.
  • 03/20 in 200 area of Chesterfield Mall. Larceny under $500 from person. Unknown subject took victim's purse which she had left unattended.


  • 12/15 in 50 area of Clarkson Wilson Center. Checks insufficient funds, misdemeanor. A 45-year-old woman passed insufficient funds check to business.
  • 03/23 in 2 White Plains Drive. Larceny under $500 from auto. Unknown subject took license plate tabs off of victim's vehicle.
  • 03/21 in 40 block of Oakland Hills Dr. Larceny under $500 from person. Unknown subject received money for fundraiser from victim but subject did not return with change after promising to do so.

Anger issues

  • 03/21 in 15000 block Chesterfield Pines Lane. Assault common, actual assault. A 15-year-old boy threw rocks at victim over ongoing dispute.


  • 08/01/2011: 17000 block White Robin Ct. Property Damage to house. Unknown subject damaged victim's sprinkler system.
  • 03/25 in 1300 block Windgate Way Ct. Property damage to house. Three men ages 20, 19, and 15 years old threw eggs at victim's house.
  • 03/24 in 14000 block Pheasant Hill Ct. Property damage, lawn job. A 16-year-old boy drove car through victim's lawn causing tire damage.

It's not yours

  • 03/20 in 1700 Clarkson Rd. Larceny under $500 from auto. Unknown subject took cell phone from victim's unlocked vehicle.
  • 03/23 in 16000 block Park Forest Ct. Larceny under $500 from auto. Unknown subjects entered victim's vehicle and took a duffel bag containing wallet and credit cards.


  •  A 15-year-old boy was in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia while attending underage party on 03/24 in 800 block Foxsprings Dr. Drugs possession, misdemeanor.


  • A 21-year-old man concealed clothing and left store without paying on 03/25 in 100 area of Chesterfield Mall. Larceny under $500 shoplifting (retail store.) 
  • A 43-year-old man concealed merchandise and left store without paying. After being stopped, marijuana and paraphernalia was found in his vehicle on 03/23 in 100 block THF Blvd. Drugs possession, misdemeanor. 

The categories used here are not intended to be legal representations of reported and alleged crimes.


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