Chesterfield Home Burglarized While Residents Slept

An unknown suspect used a garage door opener taken from an unlocked vehicle to gain access to the house.

Chesterfield Police are reporting that a thief sneaked into a home in the 200 block of Vonbehren Drive through the garage and nabbed two laptops and some loose cash. 

The alleged theft took place during the night of Oct. 17 and the early morning of Oct. 18 while the owners of the home were in bed asleep. According to police, an unknown suspect took a garage door opener from an unlocked vehicle and used it to enter the property. 

"This is why we preach to lock your car doors and don't even keep your garage door openers in cars you park outside," Chesterfield Police Officer Mike Ryffel said. 

Ryffel said that the residents didn't realize anything had happened until they woke up the next morning, adding that it's relatively uncommon for a home to be robbed while its owners are there. 


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