Chesterfield Walmart Thief Goes on $500 Shopping Spree

A man arrested by Chesterfield Police yesterday could face felony charges after attempting to take hundreds of dollars in video games, clothing and alcohol from the retailer.

Chesterfield Police have arrested a 33-year-old male who stole more than $500 of video games, clothing and alcohol from the Walmart in Chesterfield Nov. 13. 

The name of the suspect was not released, pending charges from the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's office, but Chesterfield Officer Mike Ryffel said since the amount stolen exceeds $500, the alleged thief is likely to face felony charges.

The suspect attempted to take the items from Walmart on Nov. 13 but was stopped by the store's security. After being arrested by the Chesterfield Police, it was discovered that the man was also connected to a similar theft from Walmart on Oct. 29. 

Ryffel said that the expensive nature of the pilfered items contributed to making it a potential case of felony theft.

"A lot of thefts involving alcohol are high-end bottles, which add up if one tries to steal a bunch at one time, and video games are also expensive," he said. 

The Chesterfield Valley store is a magnet for most of the area's shoplifting activity, according to police, although the shoplifting techniques employed by most criminals aren't very advanced. 

"The usual method is stuffing [items] in pockets or purses," he said. "But some just try to walk out and hope no one will notice."


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