Contractor Cited for After Hours Paving Work in Chesterfield

Did you notice some late night road work on THF Boulevard a few weeks ago? Turns out you shouldn't have.

While working late is an unfortunate reality for morning, it's actually strictly against the rules for construction contractors in Chesterfield. 

The ordinance earned a foreman performing paving work on THF Boulevard in Chesterfield Valley a citation last month when he was cited by police for working at 2 a.m. on Oct. 16, according to an incident report from the Chesterfield Police Department. 

"Our ordinance states there is to be no construction work especially with heavy equipment during the overnight hours," said Chesterfield Police Officer Mike Ryffel. 

The individual reportedly said he had received permission from City Hall, but Ryffel said police were unable to verify this claim.

It also wasn't the police's first encounter with the man, who they had warned the previous evening night to be working at night. 

"When permits are issued by City Hall, work hours are explained so there shouldn’t be any question," he said. 

Nancy November 01, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Seems to me there's a choice.....work at 2:00 am when there's minimal traffic and less liklihood of worker injury, or work during the day, cause traffic jams, and higher risk of worker injury. No brainer.....and on THF Boulevard, it's highly unlikely he's disturbing residents.


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