Cops Catch Walmart Thieves With a Grocery Cart Full of Goods

They tried to simply push the cart out the door at the retailer's Chesterfield location without stopping to pay.

Chesterfield Police are charging three individuals with larceny after they piled up a grocery cart with more than $500 in merchandise from Walmart and tried to leave without paying. 

The suspects in the Dec. 15 incident, a 18-year-old male, 22-year-old male and 20-year-old female, could face felony charges, since the items stolen totaled more than $500

Police said the cart contained groceries and household goods. The suspects made no attempt to conceal any of the items. 

"They just wheeled the cart through the door into the waiting arms of security.  Groceries," said Chesterfield Officer Mike Ryffel.  

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