Fire in Clarkson Valley Damages Bedroom, Causes Minor Injury

Crews with the Metro West Fire Department responded to an automatic alarm from a house on Clarkson Farm Drive at around 3:45 p.m.

A Clarkson Valley resident suffered minor injuries during a fire this afternoon that torched the bedroom of a house on Clarkson Farm Drive. 

An automatic alarm at around 3:45 p.m. notified emergency crews from the Metro West Fire Department who arrived to find light smoke coming from the structure and a fire in an upstairs bedroom. 

"The fire was knocked out and contained and we upgraded it to a first-alarm just because we didn't know where the fire extended to," said Metro West Public Information Officer Michael Thiemann. 

The alarm brought help from neighboring fire departments, including the Monarch Fire Protection District. Clarkson Valley Police units closed off the entrance to the small street, forcing a school bus to drop off students on Clarkson Road. 

Thiemann said the fire had not extend to any other area's of the structure and that the cause was not readily apparent. The blaze damaged the room and firefighters had to bust out several windows in order to provide ventalation, but the rest of the house was left relatively unscathed with only some minor smoke damage.

One individual was home at the time of the fire and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. No further information was available, but Thiemann said he believed the injuries were not of a serious nature. 


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