More Than $500 Dollars in Designer Jeans Stolen from Chesterfield Dillards

Chesterfield Police are searching for a suspect who grabbed a handful of jeans and then fled the store in a case of hit-and-run shoplifting.

Chesterfield Police are investigating a case of hit-and-run shoplifting at the Dillards department store in Chesterfield Mall that resulted in the theft of more than $500 in designer jeans.

On Jan. 28, an unknown suspect grabbed a handful of jeans and then ran out of the store, eluding security. By the time store personnel realized what had happened, Chesterfield Officer Mike Ryffel said the quick thief already had a head start.

The case is still under investigation. Under Missouri law, any instance of theft were the stolen items are valued at more than $500 is considered a felony. 

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