Nearly $700,000 in Gold Dust Goes Missing at Pfizer Facility

A Pfizer lab in Chesterfield has called in the help of the Chesterfield Police in figuring out what happened to the material, which was used in experiments.

A Pfizer facility in Chesterfield is reporting that an estimated $700,000 worth of gold dust used in experiments has gone missing, KMOV reports

The TV station cited Chesterfield Police, who said they have been called in to find out what happened to the large quantity of gold dust. According to the police, the material was used rarely and kept in an unlocked cabinet, but when workers recently went to retrieve some, they found nothing there. 

In addition to being stolen, it's also possible that the gold dust could have been used without the proper paperwork. Workers told police that it would have occurred sometime between November 2011 and November 2012. 


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