NEW: Home Invasion Suspect Has Date with Grand Jury

Victim worked at Chesterfield Décor store.

The suspect in a home invasion and armed robbery of a Chesterfield jeweler and his wife goes before a grand jury April 18, according to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's office.

Richard James Lynch, 42, of O'Fallon MO of a family residing in the 13000 block of LaBarge Drive, off Woods Mill Road near Olive Road.

Lynch is being held in St. Louis County jail on a $250,000 cash bond. The suspect was recently released from 17 years in prison on a burglary conviction, and was sentenced under a three-strikes law, according to Missouri court records.

Lynch was nabbed after a pawn shop tipster recognized the stolen goods in the most recent charge. The tipster got the thumbprint of Lynch, and passed it along to law enforcement, according to Chesterfield police.

Lynch was picked up in a traffic stop, without incident, police said.

The victim was ambushed outside the door of his condo about 9:40 at night as he returned from an errand. Forced inside at gunpoint, the man's wife was also taken hostage while the gunman ransacked the house for jewelry and other valuables, police said.

Two young children in the condo apparently remained asleep throughout.

The victim worked nearby at . 

Lynch is charged with nine counts—including burglary, robbery, armed criminal action and felony restraint of both victims. A grand jury will decide whether there is enough evidence in the case to move forward, or not.

A suspect remains innocent under the law, until proven otherwise in the courts.


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